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Posted on March 3, 2016

Why You Need To Hire A Cross Border Tax Specialist

Written by Avner Polatsek | @AvnerPolatsek

Filing your taxes can be stressful and can cause so much hassle. It can be more confusing if you are a US citizen and should consider a lot of rules and restrictions with your taxes. You might as well want to consider hiring a Cross Border Tax Specialist to help you with filing all your taxes.

Cross border tax specialists are experienced professionals who can comprehend with the existing and changing laws in Canada and US. What these specialists can do is to help their clients figure out certain segments like deductions and savings that their clients can get from their taxes. With the help of a cross border tax specialist, their clients can literally save time on computing their taxes and even submit their forms right on time. Because you wouldn’t want to end up paying more for your delayed files, right?

Hiring a cross border tax specialist is recommended, especially if you have multiple business transactions at hand. You can avoid confusions with the filling process, avoiding penalties to some errors or missing documents when you personally do the filing.

Some of these specialists are professionals that are certified public accountants who are registered and licensed to handle your tax concerns. There are also enrolled agents that you can consider to cater you with different financial situations. Although these enrolled agents aren’t considered as CPAs, they still have earned the privilege to represent tax payers through the IRS comprehension tests and experiences. These EA’s are already well equipped, so including them in your options are legitimate. Tax attorneys are also actually good for tax preparation needs as they understand client’s tax disputes, if there are any.

Given that hiring a cross border tax specialist poses great benefits, it is important for the client to build trust with their tax specialists. Here are some qualities that you must look for:

Accountants have their areas of specialties. So you must find a professional that knows proper ethics to handling tax accounts and is very much familiar with your line of business. A good tax accountant should show commitment to the profession and should be involved in different industry groups. A membership to a group or certain groups can mean they are updated with the current changes in accounting and tax codes.

Biases should always be disregarded when handling a client’s tax. They should also be able to understand you and your business as well. Understanding between the client and tax specialist can make filing taxes easier and faster.

With all the workload, these tax specialists should be able to manage their time well. There are deadlines to beat, tasks that may have to be repeated and demanding work schedule. They must be flexible, most especially if you handle multiple businesses. Tax specialists should be flexible with these circumstances for them to work efficiently.

With deadlines to beat, tax specialists should be very keen and punctual to what they are doing. They have to stay focused and not easily distracted when working with their clients.

Private matters are often disclosed when filing taxes. Choose people someone you can trust. A tax specialist should be professional in keeping all the records of his clients confidential.

Tax time can be stressful. With a cross border tax specialist, US citizens in Canada can be at ease in filing their taxes.