US Taxes Service in Canada

AP Tax Group Provides US Taxes Service in Toronto, Canada

Are you looking for the superb company that provides US Taxes service in Toronto, Canada? If yes, you don’t need to worry since AP Tax Group is the ultimate solution to your problem. In addition to this, AP Tax Group is a full service Toronto-based accounting firm specialized in Canadian and US tax. It is a fact that USA provides taxes to all of their citizens and green card holders within their global income. If you are one of those US citizens residing at Canada, it is highly recommended to file both Canadian and US income tax return.

As a taxpayer in Toronto, Canada, it is very important that you file a separate income tax return. In terms of US tax purpose, you can opt to file a joint return together with your spouse. Once your spouse don’t have income resource however you are paying the US taxes, filing the well known joint income tax return is very beneficial. In the meantime, if your spouse is not a US citizen, you can also file the so called joint tax return provided with complex rules. The first thing that you need to do is to file an election to change the non-resident status of your spouse into US resident.

When the election is completely done, this is the right time for you to file an income tax return in the US every year until the election is completely withdrawn. Once the election was successfully withdrawn, you can never file or object another election. If you really want to fully understand the US tax preparation in Toronto, Canada, the best thing that you can do is to hire legal consultant or tax advisor. The ultimate provider of US taxes service is AP Tax Group and they are the best company that you can trust and depend on. Moreover, AP Tax Group is composed of well trained and fully skilled tax specialist who will assist and help you in your tax preparation.

Our professional accountants are always willing and ready to provide you with accurate calculations regarding your income tax return. Aside from this, our company will also provide our clients with helpful and friendly assistance with your compliance and tax preparation needs. Most of our services are affordable and confidential and this is one of the reasons why most residents of Canada trust our company especially when it comes to their tax preparation needs. In addition to this, we also file all Canadian and US tax returns as well as related tax filings.

Our team has expertise in the field of Canadian and US tax areas to completely minimize the liabilities and at the same time maximize refunds. We will assure our respected clients that they will never go wrong in choosing our company as the best provider of US taxes service in Toronto, Canada. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today at 416-639-1586 and let us begin preparing your US tax preparation in Canada.

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